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Monday, 26 July 2021 12:17

Tiger Brands recalls 20 million KOO and Hugo's canned products.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Tiger Brands is recalling 20-million canned vegetable products at a cost of between R500m and R650m, over safety concerns due to potentially defective cans. 

Shares in Africa’s biggest food producer fell as much as 6% before pulling back slightly to trade 4% lower at R194.81 as at 9.35am, valuing the Tiger Brands at R37.2bn.

The food producer said it detected a side seam leak in two cans following an inspection of 287,040 cans. The defective cans were provided by the supplier.

The withdrawal involves specific canned vegetable products manufactured under the KOO and Hugo’s brands between May 1 2019 and May 5 2021, amounting about 20-million cans, which is 9% of annual production, the company said in a statement on Monday.

A leak in a can presents a risk of secondary microbial contamination after the canned products are dispatched to the marketplace, Tiger Brands said. Where such contamination occurs, it will present a low probability of illness and injury if the contaminated product is consumed.

KOO canned fruit, which is produced using a different can from a different can manufacturing plant, is not affected by this defect and does not form part of the recall. KOO canned pilchards are also not affected as the cans are supplied by a different supplier.

Tiger Brands said it has product recall insurance. "The company’s claim under the contract with the third-party supplier is yet to be assessed."