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Monday, 19 August 2019 11:36

Women's Month Feature: Sharon Gordon,Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Human Rights Activist, Wisdom Seeker & Fearless Teller of Necessary Truths.

Sharon Gordon

aka @SaSexpert -

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker & Fearless Teller of Necessary Truths.

Sharon is one of the most driven, independent and fearless women you will ever meet. She will change how you see yourself, your business and your potential.

Never afraid of challenging perceptions and taboos Sharon found her voice as a speaker, educator, entertainer, relationship engineer and Wisdom Seeker when in late 2003 she tackled the Sexual Health Industry in South Africa and started the well recognised South African brand Lola Montez.

She has published three books, had a weekly column on sexuality and relationships in a national newspaper-The Saturday Star and as @SaSexpert she is a regular featured Guest on national radio - Radio 2000, The Collective. She is often on television, writes a blog, Play Together and is a featured speaker at Sexpo South Africa and at Sexpo UK. She also regularly speaks to young adults on sex and menstrual and reproductive health.

Sharon Gordon has a lust for understanding the world, its perceptions, cultures and taboos. She is a fearless teller of necessary truths. 

Her opinions are often controversial but always thought provoking. She is a natural born leader with the skills to influence and change perception. 

Her talks whether about sex or business are empowering, liberating, educational, motivational and funny.

She has addressed audiences ranging from less than 10 to over 800.

During the 80s as a Human Rights Lawyer she was instrumental in running the first legal strike in South Africa.

During this period when Labour Law was in its infancy in South Africa and prior to the first democratic elections, she was instrumental in ground breaking precedents and legislation. Some of the trials Sharon was involved in included Treason, Sabotage, Public Violence and on a lighter note - Chicken Theft.

She then moved to the Corporate World as a Labour Consultant after which she was appointed as the CEO for Human Resources for Billiton International, at the time the highest appointed woman in the mining industry in the world.

In 1997, Sharon embarked on her life as an Entrepreneur. From trains to books and a whole lot more in between. Her life experience positions her to develop new and though provoking topics.

In 2017 after having served on the Dignity Dreams Board for several years, Sharon was appointed CEO of this NPO that manufactures and distributes washable multi use sanitary towels. She is deeply committed to educating both men and women about menstrual health and the importance of sexual choices. 


Sharon has appeared and commented in more than 20 publications in South Africa and a couple internationally. She has a weekly column in the national newspaper The Saturday Star. She hosted a weekly radio show, Sensually Speaking, for 4 years before being a featured bi-monthly guest on National Radio, Radio 2000, The Collective.

She is a regular contributor to articles and is often a guest on a variety of radio and television shows including: Carte Blanche, Let's talk with Mel, Mommas & Poppas, Free Talk with Noeline, Metro FM, Kaya, YFM, Classic FM, Radio 2000 and 702.                                                                                                                     


"Missing Link had the pleasure of hosting Sharon at one of our Smart Mo'Fo sessions. Her talk is interesting, inspiring, entertaining,  and provocative -  in every sense of the word. Highly recommended."

Richard Mulholland 
Founder,  Missing Link 

YPO & WPO Spouses Event


  • Sharon Gordon - 9.9
  • Overall: 9.8

'Sharon is an amazing speaker. I was very impressed.'

'Very Dynamic'

'Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. A 10++++ on take home value.'

'Very well presented and well researched. Would highly recommend to friends.'

'An amazing evening. Sharon was fabulous!'

'Enjoyed every minute - Thanks'

Zurich Insurance Women’s Day 2015

Sharon was incredibly interesting, engaging and powerful. Her presentation style is real, she drew women out, many of whom are not easily impressed and they unanimously rated her talk as the best of the afternoon. 

Nandile Ngubentombi, 

Head of Corporate Affairs & Brand, Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Ltd

Coschem Women’s Day 2015

A short note to extend a very big thank you for speaking at our Annual Coschem Ladies Day.

You have an amazing ability to make Ladies laugh and be serious at the same time. Your talk was great and there was a great vibe and energy whilst you spoke.

We all need to brush up on our confidence in the work place and you certainly inspired us to try and do so!

Lyndsay, Bridget and the Social Committee

Society of Cosmetic Chemists

International Inspiring Woman’s Network

"If you are looking to have your team and audience to:

  • re-invent themselves
  • move out of  comfort zones
  • drive to a new level of performance
  • be relevant and authentic 

Then look no further, as Sharon Gordon is the person for this!  Her fascinating personal track record in unchartered waters as a Human Rights Attorney, first female board member of a leading global mining empire, experience in the aviation, stationery and sensuality businesses, and her current driven and determined experiences of the business world resonates  with all and  leaves people in awe and on a positive, impactful and thought provoking note to rethink their limits. 

The thoughtful planning as well as the passion and desire that Sharon puts into each of her incredible challenges is impressive. All of these attributes emanate from her during the course of her presentation and you know you are listening to a truly extraordinary woman". 

Anusha Singh

Founder and Owner of International Inspiring Women Network 

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