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Monday, 20 November 2023 19:27

Windhoek Beer unveils 100% Real brand refresh with reconfigured pack and larger size.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Windhoek Beer has announced its exciting brand refresh, celebrating the essence of being 100% real. In a world where conformity often prevails, the brand is taking a stand, encouraging everyone to embrace their authentic selves and remain true to their unique identities. 

Windhoek Beer's dedication to authenticity is reflected in its 100% real philosophy. It all starts with the beer itself - crafted using the same three original ingredients that have been used for over 100 years: barley, hops, and water, nothing else.   

"When you savour a Windhoek Beer, you're experiencing 100% real beer" says Bontu Mulaudzi, Senior Brand Manager for Windhoek Beer. "While our brand refresh means a striking and distinctive redesign of our cans and bottles, nothing else changes - Windhoek Beer drinkers can trust that they will enjoy the same great taste they've known and loved for over a century". 

Windhoek Premium Lager, which is now also available in a convenient 440ml bottle and can size, offers a rich, full-flavored drinking experience with a complex aroma and spicy bitterness that lingers on the palate. Windhoek Premium Draught achieves perfect balance, delivering a delicious, velvety malt finish that beer enthusiasts appreciate. 

The new packaging features sleek styling, restructured imagery, and clear colours, including dark green and gold for Windhoek Premium Lager and black and gold for Windhoek Premium Draught. The iconic "W" and the Reinheitsgebot stamp of authenticity remain front and centre.  

"Windhoek Beer has a rich brewing history and earned respect in the marketplace since it was first brewed. We have built on this legacy and cemented what makes Windhoek 100% real through a fresh new look and appeal. Redesigning the packaging gives us an opportunity to reposition our iconic African brand in a way that resonates with today's consumers," says Mulaudzi. 

"Our 100% real philosophy is more than just a slogan - it's our brand platform, a way of connecting with our consumers. The more ways we can say '100% Real', own it and bring it to life, the more powerfully we can reinforce this mindset with our consumers. Want to know if you're a Windhoek drinker? You believe in the choices you make, you're honest, true to yourself, welcoming, fun-loving, authentic, confident, warm, inviting, and surprising – just like us! "Mulaudzi continues. 

"Windhoek Beer stands against peer pressure, going with the flow, and being who you are not. It celebrates the beauty of authenticity, quirks, and all, and encourages you to be unapologetically yourself. That’s why at Windhoek Beer we want to inspire, encourage, champion, celebrate, and invite our consumers to embrace their authentic selves. We're 100% real so Windhoek drinkers can be 100% real too", concludes Mulaudzi. 

The message is clear: 100% beer plus 100% you equals 100% real. #KeepIt100! 

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