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Friday, 05 April 2024 13:04

Where impact meets purpose – subscribe to Rentoza's CSR philosophy.

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In times of dire desperation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is no mere buzzword – it's a guiding principle that drives our economy toward a better, more equitable future. Beyond profits and market share, businesses wield a profound influence on the communities they serve. From the biggest corporates to  Start ups- Mishaan Ratan, co-founder of Rentoza believes every business can and should strive for sustainable impact.

"Look at where you can make an impact and if that impact is going to have a long-term effect," says Ratan. "No matter how small, sustained impact needs to be the goal, and this should absolutely align with the mission and vision of your business."

Research sheds light on the evolving CSR landscape in South Africa, revealing the growing role of businesses in effecting societal change. Traditionally, governments were seen as the primary agents of transformation. However, companies are increasingly stepping up, actively engaging in social and community projects under the banner of CSR.

"Embracing CSR isn't just about philanthropy or token gestures; it's about integrating social and environmental concerns into the very DNA of your business. By aligning your corporate strategies with societal needs, you not only contribute to the welfare of communities but also enhance your brand reputation and foster long-term sustainability," says Ratan.

This is why he says Rentoza's latest CSR activity involved the business giving away 20 high-functioning laptops to a school in Johannesburg. "We're a tech company, we give people access to devices – so why not combine these elements and make a difference. We made sure the hardware was top notch(please relook word) should speak to high functioning meeting the needs of the educators and students at the school and extended our budget as far as we could."

He says Rentoza exists to give people access to the latest products so they can drive their desired outcomes. Whether that be personal or business it doesn’t matter. “We see ourselves as enablers of progress. If we think about this in a broader context, technology is essential in today's world but most people don’t really have access to anything besides a phone and even then the majority of people have feature phones and not smartphones. It's a sad story that can be changed.”

The leadership team at Rentoza saw a direct link to the values of communities and the company's purpose. "If we can put products such as laptops into places such as schools in communities where they have been traditionally neglected or don’t have the resources, we're able to fulfil our purpose of increasing access to tech while delivering value to communities with access to the tools needed to growth, build and create their own impact for their communities. That's what sustainability is all about."

Much like the mechanism of subscription, a core driver of Rentoza's success, Ratan believes scalability is key when it comes to delivering impact as a growing business.

"For us this is just the beginning," says Ratan. "If we can amass a large number of customers across consumer and business, we're able to make a widespread impact on the country. We want to change the way people utilise products in their daily lives. It's about decreasing wastage and becoming a vessel for people to be more conscious of the impact they make as individuals and businesses on the environment.