Wednesday, 02 September 2020 19:59
Just like their customers, Yoco has been massively impacted by COVID. As a consequence, they have had to embrace the beautiful constraints of a (very) limited budget without compromising on quality, or their ambitions with their recently launched ‘Never Stop Starting’ campaign.
The campaign initiative was conceptualised and brought to life by a small in-house team with the help of a set of freelancers to bring it to life – managing maximum output with minimum input. The video has been met with positive response as total views
reach an excess of 500,000 across all platforms since its launch on 18th August
#NeverStopStarting is the hashtag at the core of Yoco’s energetic Restart campaign. At a time when many small businesses are under pressure, Yoco is a voice of hope communicating practical advice, guidance and suggesting tools to help SMEs navigate the new business operating environment.
Campaign results:
Yoco’s intention is to drive people from video to landing page, and from there, to serve them with knowledge, technology and community to help them navigate and restart.
Knowledge – Yoco is providing tons of free knowledge and resources over the course of the campaign. About *20,000 SME’s have accessed the knowledge portal since the launch.
Technology – This is primarily about being able to take your business online, as well as Yoco’s contactless card machines. Last week they experienced their highest sales and lead week *since 16 March, spiking by 22% vs prior week*
Community – This is through listing (for free) on their online small business directory ( Traffic to the site has jumped and about 2,500 small businesses have listed.
Landing page:
According to Yoco, the rules may have changed but the game of business hasn’t. All that is needed is a mindset shift and for SMEs to retoolrethink and reconnect