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Friday, 12 March 2021 15:32

Mint announce that it will introduce a new R2 coin into circulation.

Staff Reporter.

The South African Mint, an agency of the South African Reserve Bank, has announced the circulation of a new R2 coin.

"The wait is over! We are happy to announce there is a new R2 circulation coin you will soon be seeing in your change. The final edition in the SA25 Celebrating 25 years of democracy campaign is here," the Mint said in a brief media statement.

This coin’s design is the result of a design competition held in 2019. The coin depicts the section 12 Right to "Freedom and Security of the Person" in the Bill of Rights.

"The 'reverse' side depicts a mother and child walking freely in nature, symbolising the right to freedom and security. The daughter is holding a sunflower, which is magical in its ability to move its head toward the sun, resonant of the resilience, optimism and hopefulness of the young," said the agency.

The winning design was submitted by a senior graphic designer from Pretoria, Esta Quirk, who chose to focus on Section 12 of the Bill of Rights.

The obverse of this R2 coin features the national coat of arms, together with the date of issue, '2020', and the words ‘South Africa’ written in English and Sepedi/Sesotho.