Thursday, 17 October 2019 20:38

After a decade of commitment to addressing child hunger and poverty in South Africa, KFC has reinforced its commitment to the communities that it operates in and to help bring an end to the injustice that is childhood hunger.

In recognition of World Hunger Month in October, KFC Add Hope this year changed the narrative by giving the children of this country a voice and today hosting a “State of Hope Address” at the University of KwaZulu Natal. This address was an important opportunity to remember and take meaningful action around the millions of children in South Africa who go without food daily.

The inaugural ‘State of Hope Address’ is earmarked as an important opportunity to give children- who are the future and promise of our country - a platform to call for action by corporate South Africa, government, media and the general publicto address the issues around childhood hunger. It is hosted alongside President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recently announced “Khawuleza” model, that is aimed at improving “the coherence and effect of government service delivery and development”.

“Millions of children regularly go hungry in South Africa, living below the food poverty line in households that cannot afford to provide the nutrition they need for their development. As a brand that is invested in the communities in which we operate, we want to continue to contribute to a South Africa where all children have access to the food they require to grow, learn and thrive. We are proud corporate citizens of South Africa and are committed to investing into the future of this nation through KFC Add Hope,” said Tarun Lal, General Manager, KFC Africa. 

“I am appealing to all South Africans to join us we find sustainable solutions to address childhood hunger and continue adding hope to the vulnerable children who need care and support to survive the hardships of this life,” said the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu.

Add Hope aims to provide as many children in South Africa with the food they need to grow, learn and thrive. Since its inception in 2009, Add Hope has raised more than R700 million in customer and KFC donations combined. Through these funds, KFC Add Hope provides more than 30 million meals a year and each day, 150 000 in need children go to bed with full tummies thanks to Add Hope. Add Hope invites customers, organisations, and government to continue to play their part in eradicating poverty and feeding a child. 

Customers are invited to add R2 to their order, to help contribute an initiative that could save South Africa in the long run.