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Tuesday, 02 November 2021 16:26

With 40% of votes counted, there are now 30 hung municipalities.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Hours since South Africans cast their vote in the 2021 Local Government Elections, 40% of vote counting has been completed.

According to the Electoral Commission (IEC) dashboard, 40% of vote counting had been done as at  3:15pm on Tuesday, with the African National Congress with 46.97% support, followed by the Democratic Allowance (DA) with 22.97% and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with 9.68% support.

A total of 8 672 of the 23 148 voting districts have been completed with 819 of 4 468 wards completed. A total of 17 of the 213 municipalities have been completed while 928 of the 8 794 seats allocated.

Vote counting in Limpopo stood at 22% with 724 of 3 186 voting districts completed, 23 wards completed and 23 of 1 125 seats allocated. The ANC was leading with 66.95% support, followed by the EFF with 12.83% of the vote. It is followed by the DA with 8.84% support.

In Mpulamanga, 41% of vote counting has been concluded with 734 of the 1 786 voting districts (VD) completed. A total of 87 out of 400 wards had been completed. Of the 793 seats, 87 have been allocated.

In the Free State, 52% of vote counting has been done with 822 of 1 564 VDs completed and 59 of 319 wards completed with 65 of 628 seats allocated. The ANC is leading the pack with 51.26% support followed by the DA with 19.79% of support and the EFF with 11.46% support.

Vote counting in the North West is 28% complete with 490 of the 1 743 VDs completed. Fifteen of the 403 wards were completed and 15 of the 798 seats allocated. The leading party is the ANC with 52.7% of support, the EFF with 15.34% and the DA with 14.35% support.

In KwaZulu-Natal, vote counting was at 23% with 1144 of the 4940 VDs completed and 38 of the 901 wards completed. Thirty-eight of the 1763 seats have been allocated. The ruling party, the ANC, is ahead with 42.4% of support followed by the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with 26.94% and the DA with 10.03% support.

In the Northern Cape, 85% of vote counting has been completed with 626 of the 728 VDs completed and 161 of the 232 wards completed. A total 180 of the 438 seats have been allocated. The ANC leads the pack with 49.27% support followed by the DA with 21.27% and the EFF with 9.28%.

Vote counting was at 46% in the Eastern Cape with 2 231 of the 4 809 VDs completed. A total of 111 of 710 wards completed and 119 of 1407 seats allocated. The ANC has the most support with 67.34% of votes cast, followed by the DA with 13.99% and the EFF with 7.64%.

In the Western Cape, vote counting was 50% complete with 792 of the 1577 VDs completed, 171 of 406 wards completed and 191 of 787 seats allocated. The DA is the front leader with 51.22% support followed by the ANC with 21.12%.

In Gauteng, 28% was complete with 794 of 2815 VDs completed, 40 of the 529 wards completed and a total of 53 of the 1055 seats have been allocated. The ANC is the leading party with 36.98% support followed by the DA with 29.97% and the EFF with 12.85% support.

There are now more hung municipalities in South Africa than in 2016 with only 40% of votes counted. There are now 30 hung municipalities, so far, compared to 27 totally last time.