Thursday, 21 November 2019 05:32

Simphiwe Dana presents a symphony for African unity.

A beautiful symphony of sound to unite Africans as the Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience returns for the second instalment on 07 December at the South African State Theatre in Tshwane (Pretoria).

Poised to be a deep and sobering musical feast, the 2019 Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience will feature two internationally acclaimed artists: the poignant and smooth voice of US-based Rwandan artist Somi and the dynamic and resonant young voice of DayméArocena from Cuba. Together, these female musical firebrands will set fire in the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life.

“The true spirit and rhythm of Africa will come alive through the music we’ll present for this experience. These have been some of the darkest times for this country and for the continent at large. We all need to find the light again and I hope this Symphony Experience will illuminate many hearts and breathe a new life to all of us, to re-energize our continent with the love of music; the one language we all speak and understand,” says curator/artist Simphiwe Dana.   

When first presented in 2016, the Symphony Experience was a realization of a dream Dana had 12 years ago. It was a way for her to break down the mental and social borders between African states and create an Africa that celebrates all her children, her art, her fashions and certainly her music.

Powered by the Department of Arts & Culture, in partnership with Kaya FM and BET Africa, the 2019 Symphony Experience will be supported by a 60-piece all-black orchestra, a 30-piece choir, a 12-piece dance troupe and an all-female band.

This experience will see Africans from all parts of the continent and the Diaspora coming together in solidarity of vision for the African cause, as Dana dreamt it 12 years ago.

The Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience is brought to you by the Department of Arts & Culture, in partnership with BET and Kaya FM.

Tickets to this musical feast are priced from R500 – R1500 and are available via Webtickets.