Thursday, 27 February 2020 11:13

Makgotso Bogatsu, a life coach with a difference.


Makgotso Bogatsu has the plug. At a time when the pursuit for success requires the sage advices, guidance and tutelage of a life coach, Bogatsu breaks out as one of the newest faces and voices to look out for. 

Armed with a unique flavour and panache, Bogatsu is a life coach with a difference. Her story alone is enough to inspire confidence and jolt one into action. She quit her highly flying corporate job instead opting to healing and touching lives through coaching.

Research has shown that more and more successful individuals attribute their achievements to a life coach. Oprah Winfrey’s relationship with her long-term coach Martha Beck is well documented, in fact Winfrey is on record suggesting to her fans to use a life coach to succeed. Having a life coach has become a business essential for ambitious individuals including executives of blue-chip companies.

The role of a life coach has become central as the third eye and blind spotter. Nowadays clients turn to coaches as they realise that two brains are better than one, and as a sounding board for decision making, a coach may lead a client on a different and wondrous path he or she never imagined.

Bogatsu’s forays into coaching come at a time of bountiful opportunities and calls to take up spaces and her mentorship provides a steadying hand. She jettisons the norm with her charming and vibrant talents as a speaker and a coach. Bogatsu subscribes to the notion that rattling cages and disrupting the mundane and the normal brings the best out of individuals. She is an enemy of mediocrity and a pursuer of optimum fulfilment, as she helps her clients reach the zenith of their potential by connecting with themselves.

‘I am a healer at heart and believe that everyone has a purpose. I want to inspire you to live your truth so you can own your brilliance,’ she asserts. ‘You need to understand you as a person, your DNA, what makes you unique, what you stand for. That’s your true personal brand.’

Born and raised in Soweto, Bogatsu managed to start her four businesses only after she attended her coaching course that emboldened her to live her true calling. She worked for corporate for just more than 15 years after she graduated with a Bachelor of Science specialising in Computer Science degree from Pretoria University and today, she holds a Transformational Life Coaching Certificate accredited by both the International Coaching Register and the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Makgotso brings a new energy and focus in life coaching thanks to her unorthodox methods, perspectives and persuasions. 

She maintains that everybody is unique and has something to offer regardless of where they are in life. Everybody is a brand as soon as they tap into who they truly are.

‘Our human spirit is designed to create, everybody deep down wants to create/change something while on earth but most people don’t because they are not living the life they were meant to live, they don’t want to own their uniqueness and brilliance. I’m here to educate people on how to create the legacy that they truly desire and to live their calling. Being you is being in service. You are perfect in your own imperfection. You are enough for your purpose,’ she shares.

Makgotso brings her experiences, insights, education and influence to solve problems and to serve her clients. What makes her stand out is that she brings her true authentic self and her uniqueness.

She is passionate about the science of human potential which can be achieved by overcoming limiting beliefs. She teaches people to stop limiting themselves and create artificial barriers, settling for the ordinary and mediocrity.

Makgotso’s Coaching Philosophy and Approach:

  • We will begin with an assessment of what you enjoy doing so we can identify your true purpose. This encourages you to show up as you are, in the true purpose you were intended.
  • We will then address your beliefs, which affect your purpose, and then move on to what sets you apart.
  • Our coaching journey will be based on your own journey and experiences. My passion on this journey is to bring the best out of you in a way that amplifies what you do well.
  • Our coaching journey will challenge your limiting beliefs with transformational thinking. Where your progress may be stuck, give you a fresh perspective, as well as to provide support for navigating difficulties and new ideas.

    Social media handles: 
    Twitter: @MakgotsoBogatsu
    Instagram: @makgotso_bogatsu