Friday, 28 February 2020 14:04

Karabo takes it all off with Khumula.


One button at a time, one bra strap at a time... with those lyrics, Karabo makes temperatures rise courtesy of his newest single Khumula.

The title means ‘take off your clothes’, and the smooth crooner makes a convincing case for women to drop everything off.

The provocative and racy track is Karabo at his most sensuous and sexiest.

‘Music is storytelling and I’ve always wanted to tell my story of how you should appreciate the woman or man that you love. Life can get too busy, but behind close doors it should just be the two of you. This song is my idea of what lovemaking should look like. It’s about exploring each other, investing time in your partner, being gentle and taking it slow,’ he shares.

The song is set to leave a few blushing and tongues wagging with its bluntness and depiction of a lovemaking scene.

A song like Khumula fits in a space that is not well explored in the music industry. ‘I love writing love music, and I thought why not take it a step further. I’m eager to see how people react to it, and I hope lots of babies will be made to it,’ he says.

Wanna reignite the spark and set fire in your relationship, turn to Khumula during this month of love and all year round.

Khumula will be available on all digital platforms as from today, 28 February 2020.


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