Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:26


Emtee has released a statement that He has left Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Emtee first hinted that He wanted to leave the label when he took to Twitter to share the hashtag #FreeEmtee and listed some of his frustrations with the label, including being told who he could and couldn't work with.

He released a statement on his Instagram account announcing his departure from the controversial record label after a rocky couple of months between the two parties.

He said that this was a decision that he does not take lightly, and it wasn't without due consideration. Reads the statement: “As a matter of fact once the decision took root in my mind, my first reaction was to seek legal advice on my contractual obligations to the label, if at all and secondly the steps that needed to be taken to do this, in the most swift and amicable way possible”.

Emtee said his attorney had reached out to Ambitiouz Entertainment requesting all necessary all documents that would make this a smooth transition. “After much back and forth between my attorneys and Ambitiouz Entertainment, my attorneys confirmed that there was no reason why I could not leave Ambitiouz Entertainment to pursue my career as I saw fit.”