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Saturday, 31 December 2022 15:03

Mark Pilgrim discharged from hospital after 64 days.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Radio personality Mark Pilgrim has been discharged from hospital after 64 days as he continues his brave battle against cancer.

He made the announcement on his Twitter account last week. 

"After 64 days, 7 procedures and losing almost 15kg, today… I go home!" he tweeted along with a picture of his partner wheeling him out of his room. 

"Still have a tube coming out my side [and] will have a home nurse looking after me as I slowly build my strength, but nothing beats the healing power of being home with loved ones, the fresh air and garden," he added

This comes after he had to spend Christmas in his hospital room. He was, however, allowed to have visitors so his partner, Adrienne and his daughters were able to spend the day with him.

In February 2022, just weeks after celebrating being in remission for over three decades, the radio host confirmed that his cancer had returned.

"Thank you for all the kind messages of support as I've spent a few days away with loved ones. We'll know the full extent of what's going on in a few days after the PET scan. Suffice to say, the Big C has come knocking on my door again," wrote Mark on Instagram. 

He was first diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 1988.

According to his Wikipedia page, it was an aggressive form of cancer and spread to his lungs and kidneys. 

After nine months of chemotherapy, he was declared to be in remission and had remained so for about 33 years."

Over the decades, he was worked as an ambassador for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) and has been "a friend" of the Reach for a Dream Foundation.