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Friday, 03 March 2023 17:55

Sol Phenduka hosts bare-all reunion of 'This Body Works For Me'.

Entertainment Reporter.

Radio personality, DJ and Podcast and Chill with MacG co-host Sol Phenduka will host the reunion of the hit Showmax Original reality series This Body Works For Me (TBWFM).

Sol said: "I feel like the reunion needs to be hosted by someone who understands the women's profession and at the same time enjoyed watching the show."

After 19 episodes the series ended on a cliffhanger and Sol said he hopes to get to the bottom of all the cat-fighting that occurred throughout the season.

"There's a lot of tension there’s a lot of hatred flying around, low vibrations as some of these ladies would call it, and unanswered questions from the public to the ladies.I am hoping to get to the bottom of some issues."

Keneilwe Senyatsi, the content executive producer for POP/Media 24 said she feels Sol is the perfect fit for this role.

"Sol is a man of many talents. From a producer's perspective, you always want the type of host that brings the most out of your cast. His charismatic and objective nature makes him the ideal host because he comes with the right humour, compassion, and appreciation for all the ladies and their storylines. We know that he’ll leave no stone unturned while unpacking their unconventional lives in the most authentic way," said Senyatsi.

Unfortunately, some of the cast members Nelly and Samke could not attend the reunion but some have voiced out their expectations.

"I’m expecting the usual drama, maybe to get some issues resolved, but I doubt there’s going to be enough time to cover every experience from the show," said Bubbly. 

"I'm expecting people to come at me with weird vibes; you know these girls are shady," said Gina. 

"I'm expecting to see drama, these girls are fake, so I'm expecting a lot of fake energy," said Primadonna.

"I'm expecting the girls to tell me about all the wrong things that I’ve done. I also have a lot to say. If someone wants to fight with me, they'll get in a fight," said Wandi.

"Others are indifferent in their expectations of the reunion episode. I have no expectations, I really don't care what happens," said Xoli.

Watch the trailer:

This Body Works For Me reunion will premiere on Showmax on 8 March 2023 - as will the premiere of local documentary series Sex and Pleasure.