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Sunday, 05 March 2023 13:46

Vusi Nova survived a horrific accident after colliding with a police van.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

South African well-known musician Vusi Nova survived another horrific accident after colliding with a police van.

Nova was driving from the Golden Jubilee show organised by his friend Somizi at Sun City on Saturday night.

A witness who rushed to the scene to help said that the accident was caused by a the police van making a u-turn on the curve of the highway.

"Vusi's Land Rover is a complete write-off. I am not sure about the police van. Luckily everyone is okay. The police officer had to be rushed to the hospital and the bodyguard's eye was badly hurt, "the witness said.

"Vusi and the other have minor injuries on the bodies, scratches, and bumps on the leg which they had checked out by the paramedics who arrived on the scene," the witness added.

On Sunday Nova took to his TikTok account to explain what happened on Saturday night.

"So as some of you guys may know, I was involved in a car accident las night. So what happened was, we went to Pretoria for a gig, then from Pretoria we went to Sun City. We were celebrating Somizi's 50th birthday. From there I was meant to be going to another gig in the Vaal. When I left my friends in Sun City, at no point was I thinking that it could be the last time that I see them. At no point was I thinking of that and then this accident happened on the way.

"This got me thinking that life is too short guys. Life is too short, so the people that you say you love, don't take them for granted. Whatever second or minute that you spend with them, make sure that they know exactly how you feel about them. Be vocal about your feelings because you don't know what is going to happen a second from now.

"I'm not trying to preach, but I'm being real, I'm being realistic and especially coming from what just happened. It was a serious accident, and by the grace of God once again myself and my bodyguards weren't injured seriously. But man, just love and live. Love and live you know, because once again you don't know what is going to happen. So, I thought let me just share this with you guys, please be safe out there. Be safe, love and live," Nova said in his lengthy TikTok video.

In February 2020, the singer survived another accident while traveling to the airport. His car was believed to have aquaplaned on a wet road and crashed.