Wednesday, 20 May 2020 18:47

Jozi vs Durban,Principals on motorbikes,A boardgame champion and A wife fearing team captain...Put in the same studio and watch the sparks fly.


This week Steve Harvey has his hands full with the feuding families from Egoli and eThekwini. He is taken by surprise by having not one, but two headmistresses in the Jacobs family - both of whom love riding motorbikes. But does their need for speed enable them to escape the attempt of the Patrick family to steal their points? You’ll have to watch this week’s episode of the hugely popular Family Feud to find out.

Family Feud Africa launched as our country went into lockdown. But that hasn’t stopped the show raking in the ratings, with over 2 million people now tuning in to watch every week.  The next episode airs on this Sunday 24th May at 6pm.

Meet this week’s competing families:

From Hillary, Durban: The Patrick family

  • Jarrod, the team captain, is a business consultant and family man who is God and wife fearing!
  • Gabriel is a business owner. He loves spending time with his girls.
  • A business consultant for a medical aid company, Laura enjoys family time and movies.
  • Teresa loves watching soccer and the banter that goes with it. She is the “official” 30 Seconds champion, “or any board game for that matter”, she says.
  • Joanne is a flight attendant who loves travelling and “sings her way” through life's adventures.


From Gillview, Johannesburg: The Jacobs family

  • Team captain Kenneth is a retail currency trader. He enjoys spending time with family and working with the youth.
  • Alyssa is a school principal. She enjoys travelling and has a 12 000cc motorbike.
  • Adele is also a principal. She loves doing road trips on her motorbike.
  • An aspiring actress, Tristan also plays the saxophone.
  • Micaelyn is a junior animator who enjoys playing video games and drawing.

Hosted by entertainer, businessman and philanthropist STEVE HARVEY, the game show calls on two families in each episode to compete in naming the most popular responses to gathered survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. The game consists of five rounds and each correctly guessed answer is worth a number of points. When a team fails to answer a question, they receive a strike and after three strikes the opposing family has the chance to ‘steal’ the points on the board. At the end of Round 5, the losing family takes their haul home and the other family goes on to play Fast Money in a bid to win the jackpot. 


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