Tuesday, 02 June 2020 21:09


When the multi-talented Modiselle family and hilarious Goliath families join host Steve Harvey this week, they may be vying for the jackpot, but the real winners will be their charities of choice.

The Modiselle family participated, and gratefully committed to giving all their winnings to the Ikholwa Hope For Our Children in Roodepoort. Ikholwa was originally intended as a place of safety for babies and children affected or infected by HIV. The focus of this charity has since shifted to serve the larger communities’ needs and now offers love and safety to all babies and children in need.

Strathyre Girls Home in Kensington is the Goliath family charity of choice. The girls in this facility (aged 3 to 18) are placed there due to abuse, neglect, poverty and abandonment. Should the Goliath family make it through the feuding round and go on to play FAST MONEY, the winnings will be handed over to this well-deserving haven for women and girls, which has been in operation since 1921.


The Modiselle family:

  • Team captain Candice is an actress and presenter, who landed her first gig at the age of 21 after going to 18 auditions that ‘weren’t meant for her’
  • Refilwe is an actress, presenter, voice-over artist and albinism activist. She is the eldest of the Modiselle sisters
  • All-round entertainer Bontle started dating Priddy Ugly, who is now her husband, in high school. She has worked with Beyoncé’s choreographer
  • Priddy Ugly aka Ricardo Moloi is a South African hip hop artist. He was born in Angola and raised in Soweto. Mr Harvey was very curious as to how he got his nickname, which Ricardo explained was given to him in high school, and it derives from the word “pretty cool”
  • Priddy Ugly’s sister Boitumelo Moloi is studying for her degree in Corporate Communications


The Goliath family

  • Team captain Jason Goliath is a comedian, MC, actor and television presenter. He was delighted when Steve Harvey, his all-time hero, complimented him, having heard that Jason is one of the funniest comedians in South Africa
  • Sian Bailey is married to Jason and is the Goliath brand manager and strategist
  • Businesswoman Gail Goliath is mother to Jason and Kate
  • Jason’s sister Kate Goliath-Hoffman is the Managing Director of Goliath and Goliath
  • Ryan Hoffmann is Kate’s husband


Hosted by entertainer, businessman and philanthropist STEVE HARVEY, the game show calls on two families in each episode to compete in naming the most popular responses to gathered survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. The show attracts over two million viewers every Sunday. Tune in to e.tv this Sunday 7 June at 6pm for your dose of entertainment.


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