Tuesday, 16 June 2020 15:01


Following the gradual ease of the COVID-19 lockdown into Level 3, by the government, SAMRO has announced that its offices will re-open for Member consultations on Monday, 22 June 2020,operating hours will be between 08H30 to 15H00.

As part of the preparation to re-open the offices, COVID-19 health and safety measures have been put in place as stipulated by the Department of Health, to ensure the safety of SAMRO members, staff and business associates. These measures have been implemented to help minimise the risk of people contracting and spreading COVID-19 and to ensure that their offices can safely accommodate those visiting its offices.

SAMRO has adopted a staggered approach of moving our staff back into the office premises and as such, a limited number of staff will be operating from the office, whilst the rest continue to work from home. This decision is based on our cautionary measures to try minimise the risk of COVID-19 infections.

For health and safety,they have implemented the following procedures to follow upon arrival at the SAMRO office premises:

  • All persons entering SAMRO Place must wear a facemask as instructed by the Department of Health. You will unfortunately be denied access to SAMRO Place, should you not be wearing a mask, as this potentially places others and you at risk of being infected.
  • Masks will be checked, hands sanitized and temperature taken at the first security check point, by security personnel.
  • Anyone with a temperature reading higher than 38 degrees Celsius will unfortunately, not have access to the building.
  • Important to note: having a temperature reading higher than 38 degrees DOES NOT MEAN a member has the Covid-19 virus. This simply means that they may be at a higher risk to contract the virus over someone with a lower temperature. They may also have a higher risk of spreading it if there was any contact with the virus. As a safety measure for them and other Members, no access will be granted and they should seek medical assistance.
  • Once inside the building, kindly observe social distancing.
  • The reception area has markings on the ground to indicate the required distance between individuals.
  • Our receptionists have glass barriers to limit physical contact between themselves and members for the safety of all.
  • If anyone may need to use the lift, please note that each lift will accommodate a maximum of 2 individuals at a time.
  • The lift waiting area will accommodate a maximum of 6 individuals at a time.
  • Kindly also make use of the sanitizer dispensers available throughout the building.
  • Take note of all posters with helpful information in the reception are.

Please note that while walk-in visitors are allowed from Monday, 22 June, they are still available via the following means:

  • Telephone: 011 712 8000
  • Email: customerservices@samro.org.za
  • Social media:
    - FB: SAMROSouthAfrica
    - Twitter: SAMROMusic
    - Instagram: SAMROMusic

SAMRO remain committed to serving as best as they can and look forward to assisting you during this difficult time.