Thursday, 27 August 2020 19:35

New trailer for Life With Kelly Khumalo; second half of the season now on Showmax.


The second half of the hit Showmax Original reality series  Life With Kelly Khumalo is now available to binge. In the seven new episodes now available, her vocal highness promises fans "more authenticity - and more smiles this time round. It's not necessarily a happy ending but you'll see a woman who is content with where she is in her life."

"When the season began, Kelly's reality was introduced to the world. Her life and her struggles were laid bare to people who knew her story only from the media," says Olwethu Mlotshwa, who's also directed hit reality shows like Somizi & Mohale: The UnionKwa Mam'Mkhize and Being Bonang. "The second half of the season is where Kelly now tackles her struggles head on and seeks answers. Filled with turmoil, Kelly seeks the truth as well as freedom. How will she find it? The answers are in these new episodes. Viewers also get a glimpse into how Kelly works, with some behind-the-scenes moments with her vocal highness." 


Here are five key talking points to look forward to: 


Introducing Christian to the Maarohanye family

The work of having Christian get to know his father, Molemo (Jub Jub) Maarohanye, has been an uphill battle for Kelly but, after a long-awaited breakthrough, Christian's possible introduction to the Maarohanye family looks promising. 

"We need to see his paternal grandfather regarding a ritual they have to perform as his paternal family," explains Kelly.

She is relieved that the lines of communication with the Maarohanyes are opening up for the sake of her son.


A mother-daughter relationship put to the test 

In the first half of the season, Kelly's mother, Ntombi Khumalo, abruptly left for KwaZulu-Natal without informing Kelly. In the second half, Ntombi and Kelly try to iron out their differences, but their relationship is tested once again when Kelly receives disheartening news that has her questioning her mother's loyalty towards her. 

Kelly is especially frustrated with her mother's lack of communication and unwillingness to address and fix issues that affect the family. With her patience with her mother running thin, Kelly says, "I believe that what's meant to be will be. And I believe that I've done everything in my power to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together and if they aren't getting together, there's nothing I can do beyond this."


Friends becoming family

During these trying times, Kelly's friendship with Wanda Baloyi and Brenda Mtambo brings great solace to her world.

"When I look at Brenda and Wanda, my world is complete. When I talk about a family that isn't blood-related, you guys are the definition of that," says Kelly.

What makes the singing trio's bond so authentic is the ease with which they all connect on a spiritual level. Like Kelly, Brenda and Wanda also reveal the most vulnerable parts of themselves, and are grateful for how Kelly has always been there to catch them when they fall.

"I love that it's a very authentic relationship," says Wanda. "There is nothing but pure, honest realness between us."


Kelly in therapy

In the last few episodes, we see Kelly going through a self-healing process that involves attending several therapy sessions. 

When speaking to her therapist, Kelly is at her most vulnerable. She bares it all here, from her grief and despair to revealing something about Senzo Meyiwa she's never revealed before.

You cannot help but empathise with the grief and baggage she's been carrying for so long. "Society has taken my loss and used it against me. How is that fair?" asks Kelly.


A mother first

With all that is happening around her, Kelly doesn't lose sight of her number-one priorities, her children Thingo and Christian. Kelly decides to hold a baptism ceremony for her kids, attended by the close friends she now considers family. 

From the outside looking in, at this point, Kelly seems at peace with herself, even though the peace is still a work in progress.

"Where to from here? I don't know. I can only trust God for what he has in store for me," says Kelly.


Watch the trailer here: