Wednesday, 09 September 2020 17:31

Dancing,Ululating,Crazy Answers… It's all happening on Family Feud this week.


Do you ever wonder what your answers would be to some of the questions posed on Family Feud? Would you think of exercise as ‘something you do to sober up’? You never know what will come out of your mouth when under pressure and there is no right or wrong – the contestants have to name the most popular responses to pre-gathered survey questions.

This week in addition to some hilarious – and very surprising – answers, there is also entertainment of a different kind as Neo from the Mageba family breaks into a celebratory Zulu dance, while the ladies ululate and host Steve Harvey looks on in amazement. It’s no wonder that this family game show has proved to be so popular with the viewers – they just don’t know what they will get each week!

Tune in to this Sunday 13th September at 6pm to watch this week’s competing families:


From, Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg: The Barnes family

  • Jo-Ann, the team captain, is in the brewing industry. She admits to being a motorhead who loves to explore new places. She says she is “a socialist, not a socialite”
  • Mark is a plans examiner. His spirit animal is a sloth, he loves cooking and hopes to meet chef Jamie Oliver
  • Stephanie works at a bank. She has a black belt in Kenshikai karate
  • GIC administrator Megan loves travel and adventure
  • Ryan is a quality control officer, pizza enthusiast and Drake look-alike.


From Protea Glen, Soweto: The Mageba family

  • Team captain Neo is a recording artist. He loves children and says he wants 25 of them and four wives of different nationalities!
  • Khanyisile is the CEO of the non-profit organisation Khula Unqobe Creative Arts (KUCA).  She loves playing pool
  • Dumazile is a legal administrator who loves sushi
  • Siyabonga Zwane is studying business information systems. He loves making music in his spare time
  • Another Khanyisile on the team, she is an accounting science graduate who plays three musical instruments. She says she was “born laughing”