Tuesday, 17 November 2020 17:55

TruthTV is South Africa’s first Christian streaming service for all families.


TruthTV offers subscribers the opportunity to enjoy hand-picked, carefully curated content that will engage, inspire and draw families closer to God.

Parents who care about their family’s faith are in a challenging position, with more content choices than they’ve ever had, but fewer options that reflect their values. The sheer volume of unlimited (and unfiltered) content piping into our homes has meant that we’re often overwhelmed by choice, but underwhelmed by options that reflect our beliefs. 

Not on our watch (pun intended!)

TruthTV steps into this content free-for-all with a curated streaming service, focussing on faith and family values entertainment, giving parents peace of mind about the entertainment options available to their kids and content that reflects their values.

Because faith and family matters. 

TruthTV is a video on demand service, just like Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime. 

Executive TV producer and TruthTV’s CEO, Dr. Michael Mol says, “TruthTV’s key differentiator is the nature of content in our library - content that will appeal to a viewer who shares our biblical worldview, who holds faith and family values as paramount, and who wants a streaming video service that takes full responsibility for what is aired on their platform.

Some of the family friendly highlights viewers can look forward to include, Jungle BeatHeartlandSigned, Sealed and Delivered ( (from the producers of Touched by Angel), Hachi, A dog's tale (Richard Gere), Ithaca (Meg Ryan) and many Christmas movies just in time for December.

As a truly South African brand, TruthTV provides a safe and positive viewing platform, fitting for your whole family, anytime, anywhere. 

The launch offer of R129 for a monthly Family Subscription will give you full access to our entire library of global and local content that includes movies, series, documentaries, kids shows, teaching, music and original productions. You can watch it on your smart TV, your smartphone (on the TruthTV app), your smartbox, or simply online on virtually any connected device with a screen. Subscribers will also benefit from unlimited downloads, ten devices to watch on, four of which can be watched at the same time – cause we’re all for families sharing.  

Mol concludes: “Is there anything better than a good story? Stories are engaging, inspiring, motivating and memorable. The great ones stay with us, they move us, they influence how we think, how we behave and they shape our values. We’re all about handpicked stories that’ll inspire us, deepen our faith and nudge us closer to God. That’s the DNA of TruthTV.”

Sign up to TruthTv’s 14 day free trial here.