Tuesday, 19 January 2021 20:39

Entertainment Reporter.

The SA National Editors' Forum has encouraged two journalists to open charges of intimidation against Somizi Mhlongo after he "abused" one of them and publicly shared their contact details to his social media followers.

As a result of his actions, Sanef said, the reporters and/or their family members had been threatened with death and rape, apparently by Mhlongo's fans.

The two journalists — Sunday World acting editor Kabelo Khumalo and City Press's Julia Madibogo — both sent questions to Mhlongo for separate stories they were working on last week.

"Instead of responding to the questions, Mhlongo opted to insult Khumalo and his parents, calling them obscene names, and abused Madibogo. Mhlongo further took a screengrab of the text of his conversation with both journalists and used his Instagram account to reveal the text and cellphone numbers of the journalists," Sanef said on Tuesday.

Mhlongo has said that he will not apologise to the journalists he doxed after he was approached for comments.

Sanef described Mhlongo's comment as "irresponsible in the extreme and potentially unlawful conduct"

"Mhlongo has a massive support base and a following in excess of four million on Instagram, and his followers have resorted to intimidation and harassment of journalists on all social media platforms. They have subjected both Madibogo and Khumalo to torrents of insults and threats," Sanef said.

Last year, Mhlongo, as well as broadcaster MultiChoice, were issued with a summons by Moeng who claimed to have had his intellectual property stolen when Mhlongo launched the popular show. Instead of responding to the questions raised, SANEF says Mhlongo opted to insult Khumalo and abused Madibogo.