Thursday, 01 April 2021 12:32

Entertainment Reporter.

Moshe Ndiki surprised his husband Phelo Bala with a birthday bash for the big three zero over the weekend at The Kunene Manor in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Taking to social media, in his first post the "Andisafuni" singer thanked his husband and shared how much Moshe made him realise how much he’s loved.

He said: "This past Saturday, my husband surprised me with a 30th birthday party. Really emotional but such a wonderful time.

"I appreciate how he gave it his all just to see me happy, but mostly him going all-out to remind me of how much he loves me.

"Baby, you’re the other half that I’ve never had. Constantly trying to show me how you feel about me.

"There was so much on my mind that weekend but you made sure that you reminded me of how much I’m loved and not only you but the people that were with us.

"Thank you soooo much @Moshendiki Sthandwa sam. I love you endlessly. Here’s to many more extra special days with you."

In another post, Phelo thanked his friends for attending the party and said:

"Also a special thanks to all my peeps that also made my surprise what it was. Thank you for laughs, gifts and many kind words.

"You guys looked awesome. I love and appreciate you all, Fam."