Saturday, 03 August 2019 13:24

I was born and raised right in the suburbs of Johannesburg. Growing up I always knew that I was destined to work in healthcare, but I always had a special interest in the process of childbearing. Long before I even started my training as a nurse, I knew that I wanted to be a midwife. I studied a BCur (Bachelors Degree in Nursing) at the University of Johannesburg and qualified as a registered nurse, midwife, community nurse and psychiatric nurse. After my training I did my community service and worked permanently at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, a state hospital in Westbury. Gaining essential skills and experience to practice midwifery safely whilst having to work under the challenging and demanding circumstances that a state health care facility has to offer.

Through my own experience of becoming a mother, I discovered a whole new side of midwifery, where women are treated with meticulous attention to individualized care and support, throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing experience, not just as a forgotten face between the masses. I chose midwife-led care with the support of a back-up obstetrician for my care during my pregnancies. I was so inspired through this experience of motherhood that I rediscovered my love and passion for midwifery and women’s health. Merely a year after my son’s birth I started to work at Genesis Clinic. A private maternity clinic in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. There I got to hone the skills of my craft into a fine art: delivering babies, supporting breastfeeding and caring for growing families. After a few more years and the birth of my daughter my life had drastically changed. The time had come for me to set off on a new adventure.

I started my own nursing and midwifery practice, Protea Nursing Services, with my focus being women’s health. Fast forward two years: Now I am a single mother of two beautiful children, working as an Independent Midwife in the greater Gauteng region. Offering personalized one-on-one care to women and families during pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Sometimes even in the comfort of their own home, such as homebirths. When talking about pregnancy and birth there is so much misinformation going around. Old wife’s tales, horror stories being told in our communities or poorly researched information on the internet. Through my work I hope to educate women at any opportunity I get. To dispel myths and demystify the whole process. Hopefully one day we will have empowered so many women and families that it will change the entire culture of birthing in South Africa.

Where care will be evidence based and not motivated by fear of legal litigation or financial gain.

I am also the Resident Midwife at DISA Clinic. A reputable sexual and reproductive health clinic in Sandton. There I offer antenatal care and counselling to women in early pregnancy. To set them on the right path to a healthy pregnancy and birth. I also assist Prof. Elna McIntosh, the founder of DISA Clinic, to attend to the other reproductive health needs of women who attend at the clinic. Educating women on these topical issues and empowering them to make informed choices about their health.

You can follow me on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram under @Proteanurse or Protea Nursing Services for regular updates and articles from the world of midwifery and women’s health.