Monday, 12 August 2019 14:49

Dr Megan Martin is a medical doctor and sexual health blogger.

Megan is incredibly passionate about patient autonomy and education. She believes that every person, and womxn in particular, should have the power and knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to their own health.

She believes that at every health care visit, each patient should leave the consultation room having learned at least one new thing about their condition or how to improve their health and well-being. For Megan, educating patients is empowering patients.

Her interest in Sexual and Reproductive Health is fueled by her need to do away with the shame and embarrassment that womxn (consciously or unconsciously) carry about their own bodies. She believes that growing up in a society that teaches womxn that their genitals, and their natural functions, are “dirty” or “bad” far before they have even started having sex can have severe consequences.

For Megan, sexual health is such an important aspect of each person’s health and well-being, but she finds it is often neglected, with sexual education in schools (and even in medical schools) being far from adequate.

As much as there are obstacles to overcome, she has always felt that it is such a privilege to help womxn, to be let in to their inner worlds and trusted with very intimate information. She finds this work  incredibly rewarding and is always eager to reach more womxn in need.

Megan runs a sexual health blog ( which focuses on providing sexual and reproductive health information which is accessible,inclusive and easy to understand. She has plans to expand it into a fully fledged online health platform in the near future.

Dr Megan Martin is a member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association and has been nominated as one of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s 120under40 International Family Planning Leaders for 2019.

She has contributed to the book “A Celebration of Vulva Diversity” by Hilde Atalanta as a medical expert for the project. In this book, she addressed common questions and debunked myths surrounding sexual health.

In summary, Megan’s passion for empowering womxn to make informed decisions about their own sexual health and well-being flows through in the science-backed online education she provides. When she’s not at work saving lives, Megan is usually found on Instagram answering your sexual health questions or reading the kinds of books you’d rather keep hidden from your mother.

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