Thursday, 27 August 2020 19:40

Pharma Dynamics launches new BOOST range to strengthen body and mind.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made boosting immunity a priority for billions of people around the world. To respond to the call for trusted vitamin and supplement products, leading health and wellness firm, Pharma Dynamics has debuted a new line of effervescent multivitamin and mineral boosters that will be available to consumers from September.

The BOOST range – a line extension of the well-established efferflu-C IMMUNE BOOSTER – consists of three new products, called MAGBOOSTENERBOOST andDAILYBOOST – all aimed at assisting the body’s natural ability to stay strong and healthy.  

MAGBOOST is a multivitamin and mineral supplement targeted at the maintenance of normal muscle function, relieving muscle cramps and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

If you’re prone to suffer from muscle cramps, it might be a sign that your body has a shortage of the mineral magnesium. Cramps typically occur when muscles contract and can’t relax again.  Magnesium blocks calcium, the mineral which causes muscles to contract. Magnesium is also needed for energy production in cells for optimal brain and heart function.

Additionally, magnesium supplementation is known to improve oxygen and energy utilisation, as well as lactate clearance, during, and after, physical activity. Each MAGBOOST effervescent contains vitamin C, trimagnesium citrate, zinc citrate and vitamin K2. MAGBOOST is available in berry-flavour.

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ENERBOOST comprises of a specially formulated combination of essential vitamins and plant derivatives to help improve mental performance and physical energy. It also contains the natural stimulant, Guarana, which has long been used by ancient Amazonian tribes in Brazil for its range of positive properties.Guarana is loaded with natural antioxidants and fatigue-fighting compounds including caffeine, theobromine and tannins.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, feel tired in the mornings and struggle to concentrate by lunchtime, ENERBOOST (available in tropical flavour) will give you that extra lift.

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DAILYBOOST is a complete multivitamin supplement that contains calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins A, B, C, D and E needed for good bone, skin, muscle and heart health.

Incorporating nutritionally balanced meals into an already busy schedule can sometimes be a challenge. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can leave the body open to infection, fatigue and weakness. DAILYBOOST (available in a citrus flavour) will ensure you get the complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals required to stay fit, healthy and at your best.

If you’re guilty of not eating enough fruits and vegetables, prone to catching colds and the flu or have unhealthy looking hair, skin or nails, DAILYBOOSTshould form an essential part of your health regime.

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Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics, says the new products in the BOOST range follows the success of efferflu-C IMMUNE BOOSTER.

“The scientifically proven combination of vitamin C, echinacea and zinc has made efferflu-C a staple product in SA’s immune supplement space. Thousands of South African consumers already rely on the product to keep colds and flu at bay.

“Each product is intended for different lifestyles and has been individually formulated to strengthen the mind and body, so you can get the most from life,” says Jennings.  

MAGBOOST, ENERBOOST and DAILYBOOST are available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

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