Wednesday, 26 May 2021 10:49

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Caption: Author Will Burrard-Lucas.

There are few creatures as gorgeous and elusive as the black leopard. In Africa, these magnificent cats are so rare as to be the stuff of legend. Will Burrard-Lucas’s love for leopards began during his childhood in Tanzania and propelled him into a career as a wildlife photographer.

In 2018, Will heard about sightings of a young African black leopard in Kenya and, with the help of people from the local community, he succeeded in capturing a series of high-quality photographs of the elusive cat. In this compelling and visually stunning book, Burrard-Lucas tells his story of creativity, entrepreneurship and passion for wild animals, alongside awe inspiring images of lions, elephants and the black leopard itself.

Black leopards are individual animals in whom a gene mutation results in excess melanin and an elegant black coat. Most are found in Southeast Asia, where lush vegetation offers them camouflage. In the semi-arid shrub lands of Africa, black leopards are extraordinarily rare. Burrard-Lucas's images – showing these beautiful creatures prowling their territory under cover of night – are vivid reminders of nature’s hidden wonders.

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Video Courtesy of Black Leopard.