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Tuesday, 18 July 2023 15:59

Miss SA 2023 finalists' visit to Mauritius creates new opportunities for collaboration.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Miss SA 2023 top 12 finalist Lungo Kateke. Picture: Instagram/@lungo_katete.

The Miss South Africa 2023 finalists embarked on a remarkable journey to Mauritius, and their experiences at Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue, and Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club were captured in episode 2 of the second season of the reality TV series, Crown Chasers.

The episode aired on SABC 3 this past Sunday, 16 July 2023. It showcases their pursuit of personal growth, the spirit of adventure and exploration, and the importance of collaboration and cultural exchange made possible by World Leisure Holidays and Sunlife.

"Hosting the finalists was a perfect fit for the Sunlife Mauritius 'Come Alive Collection', which invites guests to indulge in new experiences, embrace the vitality and energy of possibility, creativity, and much more. Travel goes beyond leisure; it fosters personal growth and inspiration while expanding one's horizons,"explains Ramesh Jeenarain, Vice President of Sales at Sunlife Mauritius. "By inviting the Miss South Africa 2023 finalists to visit Mauritius, our aim was to showcase the transformative power of travel, not only for the finalists but for all individuals seeking to broaden their perspectives and embrace the world’s beauty."

The welcome committee for the Miss South Africa 2023 finalists was truly extraordinary. Tatiana Beauharnais, the charming Miss Universe Mauritius 2023, and Vandana Jeetah, the visionary National Director for Miss Universe Mauritius, warmly welcomed the finalists, fostering camaraderie and collaboration between the beauty queens. In addition, Ramesh Jeenarain, Vice President of Sales at Sunlife Mauritius, and Christian Jaquier, General Manager of Long Beach Mauritius, hosted a delightful welcome dinner at the exquisite HASU restaurant at Long Beach on behalf of World Leisure Holidays. Dignitaries and guests included Matlhaba Mogadingwane, First Secretary Political at the South African High Commission in Mauritius, Bilal Adam, President of the South African Chamber of Commerce Mauritius, former Miss South Africa Universe Anneline Kriel, and Stephanie Weill, CEO of Miss South Africa.

"However, this collaboration extends beyond the filming of 'Crown Chasers'," stated Ingrid Bell, Managing Director of Aestetika Studio. "It is a testament to our shared vision of pioneering new possibilities that reach far into the future, shining a spotlight on the creative economy as a catalyst for collaboration, cultural exchange, and economic growth between South Africa and Mauritius. It is also an invitation for the region's change makers to recognize the immense potential of the creative sector, harnessing the power of creativity to tackle environmental challenges, incubate innovative ideas, and create travel opportunities that celebrates the richness of Africa’s creativity, inspiration and resourcefulness situated in the allure of its natural landscapes."

"We believe that the creative economy plays a vital role in deepening bilateral relations and shaping the future of South Africa and Mauritius," added Her Excellency, Dr. H. N. Manzini, High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa in Mauritius. "By celebrating the unique artistic expressions and contemporary innovations of our region, we can promote collaborative opportunities that fosters a robust creative ecosystem, drives economic growth, encourages tourism, and enhances the global view of the region. We invite individuals, businesses, and organisations to join us in exploring the vast opportunities within the creative economy and contribute to our shared vision to position South Africa and Mauritius as vibrant hubs of creativity and innovation whilst celebrating the rich cultural heritage of both nations."

"This involvement, invitation and sponsorship exemplifies the significance of private sector involvement in nurturing a dynamic business environment,"said Bilal Adam, President of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius. "We are grateful to World Leisure Holidays and Sunlife for their vision and commitment to fostering a platform for creative entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate in unlocking the potential for job creation, foreign investment, and partnerships that contribute to the growth and prosperity of both nations through the export of innovative products and services."