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Saturday, 16 September 2023 10:49

Vinette Ebrahim and Eric Bouwer dive into Diepe Waters for Season 2.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

It's been a year since kykNET's novela Diepe Waters debuted with its fresh swimming pool scenario and famous faces and now the channel has announced that it's continuing for Season 2.

Diepe Waters is a telenovela and unlike a soapie, there is always an end to the story. But Gys Swarts (Justin Strydom) and Zelda Joubert (Sandi Schultz) are far from finished with their ongoing war and dirty tricks. And will Jacques ever be able to call one of his children his own?

Season 1 ends on Thursday 28 September and Season 2 premieres the Monday after, with two newcomers: former 7de Laan star Vinette Ebrahim, who plays Lettie's mother, and former Egoli actor Eric Bouwer, also known for his roles on Binnelanders, 7de Laan, Getroud Met Rugby (the drama series) and Spoorloos, where he starred as detective De Wet.

Eric plays Sanet's new squeeze who can't be squeezed too hard because he's a man of the cloth, Reverend Ben van Staden.

"We are delighted to be able to create a second season of Diepe Waters as a result of the resoundingly positive response from viewers to the first season. We are blessed with a wonderful team of industry professionals who put their all into the show to make it the success that it is," says Roberta Durrant, creative producer of the show. 

The first episode of Diepe Waters aired in October last year, and it has kept viewers buzzing ever since. No one will forget the faces of the Swarts family when Gys introduced his new wife, Meghan (Lea Vivier), to them. It took a long time for the community to get used to it, and then the bombshell dropped – Meghan and Gys's nemesis, Zelda, had been working together all along.

Pam (Tracey-Lee Oliver), Zelda's daughter, had been looking for her biological father for some time. Zelda played all sorts of games with Pam to keep her big secret. But Gys realised Pam was his biological daughter, and Zelda's world was turned upside down. Poor Rossouw (Altus Theart) still can't get used to having an older sister.

The Swarts family, however, had some more skeletons in the closet. Turns out, Johan (Liam Bosman) is not Sanet (Nadia Valvekens) and Rossouw's biological child but Jacques's (Werner Coetser). And now poor Meghan is pregnant with Jacques’s child, and he has to watch from a distance once again how other people raise his child.

But one thing is guaranteed – the tension, drama and tears will not stop in season two. Sanet finds new love. Gys and Zelda's battle rages on with new family secrets coming to light. Rossouw decides to hit the road, and a sudden death leaves everybody reeling.

"Viewers' response to Diepe Waters has exceeded our wildest expectations since the new telenovela launched in October 2022. Gys and his family, his companions and enemies became like family. This is a storyworld of business savviness but also errors of judgement, love and betrayal, growth and setbacks. We are so happy that viewers are glued to their screens. The story only gets juicer from here," says Waldimar Pelser, M-Net Director of Premium Channels.