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Saturday, 22 June 2024 13:17

Talented actor Vuyo Dabula returns after surviving gun violence incident.

By Lineo Lesemane.

Actor, Vuyo Dabula returns. Picture: Instagram/@vuyodabula.

The Generations: The Legacy star Vuyo Dabula is all set to make a return to the entertainment industry following over a year's hiatus.

The actor took a break to focus on his healing after he was involved in a gun violence incident in December 2022.

He said that after spending much of 2023 recuperating from his gunshot wound, he is now fully recovered.

"I've been hitting the gym quite hard, and I am now fully recovered. I've also been focusing on recovering mentally and spiritually from that horrible near-death experience.

Dabula said he also dedicated the past year to introspection and self-care.

"The most fulfilling part has been having time for myself to introspect and figure things out, as well as reconnecting with important relationships.

"The entertainment and film industry can be demanding, so having this time to solidify and anchor relationships has been invaluable."

Upon his return, Dabula bagged a leading role in a SunBet advertisement. He said this was an incredible experience for him because he hadn't done an ad in a while.

He added, "Funnily enough, I started my career doing ads as a model before gravitating towards full-time acting…

"After the ad, I worked on a film for ShowMax, playing a cool character who is a baddie. He starts as a good man but becomes quite bad."

Going forward, Dabula said he wants to balance his career in entertainment with his personal life.

"I value relationships, family, and myself. I don't want to burn out or have health issues from overworking. I allocate time for myself and ensure I attend to important relationships, which empower and strengthen me.

"My support system is crucial to my best work. I make sure I'm not overbooked and communicate consistently with people around me about my schedule."