Thursday, 24 September 2020 22:56


The Premier Soccer League has confirmed that DStv has signed a five-year deal to become the new title sponsor of the premier division.

This is a continuation of a vibrant and fruitful partnership between the PSL and the MultiChoice.

The PSL has transformed into a top 10 league globally after the 2007 broadcast rights’ deal, growing the best local players and attracting star from continent and beyond African shores.

As the PSL continues to innovate with a quest to improve its product, it will have a full backing of DStv, whose offering require an abundance of local content. There is no "them and us,"said Dr Khoza.

"We are joined at the hip to produce enhanced consumption of the best product for our deserving supporters."

MultiChoice Group CEO, Calvo Mawela believes the deal between DStv and the Premier Soccer League speaks to the essence of who and what the two organisations represent.

"The DStv Premiership is the coming together of two brands that connect South Africans emotionally", said Mawela. "Whether you are watching the best of local football or the best local entertainment, the passion for both is unmatched."

"As part of this new chapter in South African football, the DStv Premiership strives to reach every community in South Africa, both existing PSL loyalists and emerging new groups. Babize Bonke is our call to all South Africans to come together in the experience of a common passion.

"This affiliation is special because it is the only affiliation that is as appealing to the young as it is to the old. It is the only affiliation that cuts across race, gender, creed, culture and political affiliations in the manner that it does," added Dr Khoza.

"It creates equal conversations between people irrespective of their educational backgrounds and social strata."

"Through the DStv Premiership, we are expanding football’s reach deeper and wider in partnership with the PSL. This league is for every South African and every community represented in our uniquely diverse nation." Mawela emphasises.

"With more games televised than ever before, we are deliberately creating space for all South Africans to call this competition their own."

"The DStv Premiership is the intersection where the best of local football meets the best of local entertainment. Babize bonke bazobona senzani!"