Wednesday, 28 April 2021 12:22

Staff Reporter.


Wales manager and ex-Manchester United player Ryan Giggs has appeared in court to deny assaulting two women.

Giggs is charged with causing actual bodily harm to a woman in her 30s and common assault of a woman in her 20s at an address in Salford last November.

The 47-year-old, of Worsley, is also charged with coercive or controlling behaviour between December 2017 and November 2020.

Giggs, co-owner of Salford City FC, appeared before Manchester magistrates.

Wearing a dark suit and tie he spoke to confirm his address and date of birth before the three charges were read to him.

Court documents indicate he is accused of engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, which includes "repeatedly or continuously engaged in behaviour which was controlling or coercive, namely, used violence, isolation, belittling, humiliation, harassment, degradation and abuse".

Andrea Griffiths, for the prosecution, told the court Giggs had subjected the woman in her 30s to a "deliberate head butt" on 1 Nov 2020 and this had been "aggravated by domestic background" and being "in drink".

The short hearing was then adjourned and Giggs is due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on 26 May.

He is out on bail until his trial, on condition he does not approach either of the women he is accused of assaulting or approach any addresses where he believes them to be.