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Friday, 21 October 2022 22:11

Four massive changes coming to WhatsApp soon.

Staff Reporter.

Communication service Whatsapp has several new features being developed for its platform, rolling out soon or in the near future.

The new features include muting options for groups, new expressive avatars, shortcuts and forwarding systems.

The mobile service has been consistently updating its app to best suit not only iOS users but Andriod as well.

According to WhatsApp data service, WABetaInfo these are some of the changes you can expect:

1. Auto mute for large groups

Whatsapp in June introduced larger groups that can get up to 512 participants. This update affected all iOS and Android users; subsequent, the app boosted the number of possible participants to 1,024.

Currently, a WhatsApp user can manually mute groups with a large number of participants; however, WABetaInfo has uncovered an up-and-coming beta update that will automatically mute large groups to help immediately reduce notifications in the future.

2. New avatar feature for Android

Avatars are now expected to be added for Android. According to WhatsApp, you can personalise a character by setting up a digital expression.

When you make an avatar, it will then be added to your app as a sticker, said WABetaInfo. "In addition, you can also choose an avatar to use as your profile photo on WhatsApp."

3. Shortcuts, last seen and polls

WhatsApp plans to make it easier for users to change important information on the fly. Under the new rollouts of updates, you could be able to manage who can see you when you are online.

WABetaInfo said, "As happens with the feature to hide our online status, it is still not possible to create a poll, but at least you can view and vote for polls created by other group participants."

The messenger service has also updated keyboard shortcuts within the desktop app that can toggle mutes, open a new chat or insert GIFs.

4. Forward media with the caption

Whatsapp is currently working on a new feature that will improve the forwarding of media.

WABetaInfo has found that the group’s new update will make it possible to forwards images, videos, GIFs, and other documents with their original caption attached.

A new interface shows up when the user tries to forward an image with a caption in the future; with the new interface – users will be able to decide whether forward the image with or without a caption.