Thursday, 03 October 2019 19:32

Multichoice announced it would scrap three channels.


Multichoice has announced that it would scrap the History, Crime + Investigation and Lifetime channels from the end of the current contract term.

According to MultiChoice, the Crime+Investigation Network (DStv 170), History channel (DStv 186) and the Lifetime channel (DStv 131) will be removed from the channel list at the beginning of the new month.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to refresh our local content line-up and optimise the suite of channels on offer, MultiChoice Group will be saying goodbye to the History, Crime+Investigation and Lifetime channels on its DStv platform at the end of the current contract term. The current contract expires on 1 November,” Multichoice said.

Multichoice added that it would continue to increase “significant” investment in local shows and content “which have great resonance with customers and are a key driver of engagement”.

News of the multi-channel scrapping was met with much disapproval from subscribers on social media.