Monday, 04 November 2019 06:33

Following a revelation in 2018 by the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), that about 94% of bridges in the city were derelict, the M2 highway was closed for structural repairs earlier this year.

After being closed for repairs for eight months, the highway is set to reopen.

Motorists, however, will only be able to access the bridge this morning.

JRA closed the M2 Motorway between Crown Interchange and Maritzburg Street on February 28 for rehabilitation.

The closure was necessitated by the continuous monitoring and the bridge visual conditions assessment which indicated that the structural integrity of the concrete element was severely reduced.

Parts of the support structure have moved and that affected the structural stability of the bridge.

JRA would like to thank all motorists and road users who were inconvenienced by the closure for their patience during the rehabilitation period.