Monday, 04 November 2019 20:38

When PRASA launched the War Room on 8 August 2019, they made a firm commitment that this intervention will result in an improved customer experience for the citizens who use PRASA services every day.

The high levels of customer dissatisfaction and a decline in passenger patronage, mostly attributable to, amongst other issues, safety and high levels of crime and vandalism, as well as unpredictable service, require serious and urgent attention.

Today, the Minister of Transport conducted an appraisal of the work done by the War Room and the progress made to date. “The most important measure for us to claim success is a reliable service that gets people to their workplaces on time and where our people can travel on our trains safely,” notes the Minister in his press statement.

He continues, “Indeed, a lot of progress has been made since the inception of the War Room, but we are not where we want to be. Many challenges remain, but I am encouraged that serious effort is being put into resolving these.”

Already progress has been made towards ensuring:

  • an increase trainsets availability
  • improved on-time performance
  • a reduction of temporary speed reductions,
  • protection and security of the corridor, and
  • revenue protection, as well as
  • increased patronage.

The War Room has also focused on ensuring that the MLPS runs an efficient and predictable service, with a marked improvement in performance and a predictable timetable. A new timetable has been developed and aligned with prevailing network condition and availability. The MLPS is made up of Shosholoza Meyl and the Premier Classe.

“We remain mindful of PRASA’s contribution in enabling economic activity, while enabling mobility of our people to access social amenities. If all our trains depart and arrive on time, not only will we ensure that people do not lose jobs as a result of chronic late-coming, but will improve the productivity of the companies they work for. Shosholoza Meyl remains the preferred mode of transport for small business owners who live in far-flung corners of our country but need to source their products in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Our commitment to improving the lives of our people through an efficient, reliable and safe passenger rail service has never been greater,” concludes the Ministers statement.