Tuesday, 19 November 2019 16:26

Park Station in Johannesburg came under attack by a group of vandals who damaged property and looted a number of shops this afternoon.

Security guards said a number of people forced their way into the station to loot shops, break glass access gates, smash ticket box windows and even damage cars.

Meanwhile Prasa said that it will beef up the security and increase the presence of police to prevent a recurrence of the incident and it has has appealed to anyone with information about the attack to contact the police. 

According to Prasa, a train set was also stoned and the windshield broken, putting it out of commission until repairs can be effected.

However It's understood security workers vandalised Park Station because their contracts were terminated.

The contracts of the security companies that employ them were terminated last month, but the High Court in Pretoria ruled they should be paid at least until the end of December and the security companies have since won a court application against Prasa in which they argued that the early termination of their contracts, without finalisation of an alternative contract put passenger safety at risk, therefore Prasa was ordered to continue the security contracts until new tender is finalised or alternative measures are put in place.