Monday, 25 November 2019 06:33

Tshwane mayor Stevens Mokgalapa allegedly disses colleagues while ‘having sex’ with MMC.

The City of Tshwane said in a media statement that they viewed what they called an alleged extortion attempt against their mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa, in a serious light and considered it criminal.

An audio recording had been leaked allegedly of the mayor having a sexual encounter with his MMC for roads and transport, Sheila Senkubuge, and featured a number of instances of him discussing other individuals and colleagues in the city, often unflatteringly.

Mayoral spokesperson Omogolo Taunyane said that both Mokgalapa and Senkubuge viewed the recording in “a very serious light”.

Not only, he said, was it illegal to obtain such in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act, it was also being used as a tool to blackmail and extort undue favours from the City of Tshwane.

Mokgalapa admitted: “We have been aware of the existence of this audio recording for a few days and threats to release the recording have been communicated to us via an intermediary wherein certain demands have been made.”

The city has now claimed that the demands from the “blackmailers” included the immediate reinstatement of four officials who were currently on suspension for violations of the Municipal Finance Management Act and other relevant statutes governing the conduct of officials of the municipality.

“We have both refused to give in to the demands of these individuals who are hellbent on seeing us break the law to give them easy passage back into the municipality. This is despite the serious nature of the allegations they are facing. We will not sacrifice our oaths of office and betray the trust that the people of Tshwane have placed in us,” said Mokgalapa.

He said a case of blackmail and extortion had been registered with the Brooklyn police.

“We expect law enforcement authorities to get to the bottom of these attempts to turn the municipality into a bastion of illegal activity wherein leaders are expected to turn a blind eye on such,” said Taunyane.