Sunday, 01 December 2019 11:06

The Electoral Commission has confirmed that former Tshwane MMC Sheila Senkubuge was verified as a citizen and thus placed on the voter’s roll. It is on this basis that she was able to contest as a candidate in the 2016 general elections of municipal councils,” the electoral body said in a statement.

This comes after a private citizen laid charges against Senkubuge questioning whether she was eligible to hold a council seat.

The citizen claimed that Senkubuge initially held permanent residency at the time of her appointment, before she became a naturalised citizen.

IEC clarified that the department of home affairs is the custodian of the country’s citizenship while the electoral body is responsible for compiling and maintaining the voters roll.

“In compiling and maintaining the voters’ roll, the Electoral Commission verifies the details of applicants against the National Population Register (NPR). Only holders of identity numbers that are accorded citizenship status on the NPR are entered into the voters roll."

“This verification process is supplemented by monthly updates from the NPR in order to account for persons who are deceased, those who have recently attained citizenship and those who have either renounced or lost it,” the IEC explained."

The embattled former MMC recently made headlines following audio that was leaked of an alleged ‘sex scandal’ involving her and Tshwane Mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa.