Monday, 02 December 2019 22:48


Vodacom has responded to the release of the Data Service Market Inquiry by the Competition Commission on 2 December 2019.

The network operator said that the delay in the allocation spectrum should be blamed for the rate at which data prices have fallen.

Commission found that MTN and Vodacom must both reduce their data prices as well as provide free lifeline data to all prepaid customers and has recommended a reduction in data prices by both cellphone operators.

The commission will also be taking more stringent measures against the two giant operators if they do not comply with the recommendations.

“Failure to reach this agreement within two months, will then lead the commission in going ahead with prosecution with excessive pricing or other exclusionary abuse before the Tribunal,”

The network operator said that it is reviewing both ICASA’s recently-issued discussion document as well as the new report, and would provide detailed feedback in future.

“Vodacom notes the release by the Competition Commission of its Data Services Market Inquiry Final report earlier today and ICASA’s discussion document on the Market Inquiry into mobile broadband services in South Africa published on Friday,” the mobile operator said.