Thursday, 05 December 2019 13:33

Adam Catzavelos has pleaded guilty to crimen injuria.

"The accused admits that he took the video and uttered those words on August 12, 2018 but accepts that the video was seen for the first  time by the complainant [Mandisa Mashego] on August 27, 2019. The accused admits that the use of the k-word insulted and impaired the dignity of those who heard it," his lawyer Lawley Shain told the court.

Shain added that the accused uttered the words on a day when he was under the influence and sent it to a close group of friends.

"Your worship everyone on the beach was white, it is so but I am not coming to say he is not racist but these are the circumstances that gave rise to the disgusting selfie that he took. He accepts responsibility for his actions," Shain tried to explain to the court.

He will face sentencing on Friday 13 February 2020.