Monday, 05 August 2019 14:35



The SABC released the findings of its year-long investigation into allegations of editorial interference.

The findings implicate a number of high-ranking staff members and government officials and the SABC says it will take disciplinary action against those who have been implicated.

Joe Tlholoe, veteran journalist and former chairperson of the Press Council of SA chaired the commission of inquiry that looked into the matter and presented the report.

In the report, the commission found that the public broadcaster "suffered from the capricious use of authority and power to terrorise staff and to deflect the corporation from its mandate and editorial policies".

However the commission has not uncovered a direct line between the ANC and editorial decisions at the public broadcaster.

The independent commission of inquiry was established in May last year and received written and oral submissions from SABC employees, political parties and civil society organisations.

According to the report, the commission heard no evidence corroborating a plot to “capture the SABC newsroom”. “There were no email or SMS trails we could follow,” the report states.