Wednesday, 06 April 2022 11:36

Diepsloot calm as residents demand more police visibility in the area.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

The situation in Diepsloot remains calm but tense after residents engaged in a second day of violent protests against high crime levels.

Community members met with the local South African Police Service (SAPS) where they demanded more police visibility and better resources at police stations

Although the protest action has not kicked off yet, according to Johannesburg police spokesperson Brenda Muridili, police have marshalled extra units to the area to try and contain the protest.

"The situation in Diepsloot is peaceful. Protest action has not yet commenced, but there is high police visibility in the area for any eventuality," said Muridili.

Muridili added residents have met with police in the area, asking for more police visibility and police resources in Diepsloot.

Online reports suggest residents in the area are protesting to put an end to crime and violence that has ravaged the area. The murder rate in Diepsloot is a hot topic of discussion for residents in the area.

Muridili said new recruits were not taken into the SAPS due to Covid-19 and made it hard to deploy new units to the area.

She said residents made a call for more police resources in Diepsloot two years ago.

After the SAPS management met with the community, there were some changes that were made, so the TRT (tactical response team) were deployed there for several months, and the area was stabilised up until now," Muridili said.

Meanwhile Police and metro police have been monitoring a protest in City Deep on Wednesday morning.

Several roads have been closed to traffic and officials are urging motorists to use alternative routes.

It's not yet clear what the residents are angry over, but it’s believed that it is linked to electricity problems.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department’s Xolani Fihla said: "Heidelberg Road is closed off to traffic. At the moment it’s not yet confirmed what the protest is about but it’s suspected that it’s about electricity being off in the area."