Thursday, 07 April 2022 10:19

ANC is within its rights to embark on efforts to renew itself| Motlanthe.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Photo Credit: Alon Skuy.

The former president Kgalema Motlanthe says the African National Congress (ANC) it is within its rights to take steps to renew itself.

Motlanthe was speaking at a webinar hosted by the Centre for Development and Enterprise as he reflected on the ANC’s history and the state of South Africa over the next five years.

"I think the ANC is within its rights to embark on efforts to renew itself, but South Africans shouldn't be bound by that timetable. SA should move on and the ANC must catch up with SA."

Motlanthe says the ruling party knows if it does not change it will become irrelevant to the citizens.

"The leadership of the ANC accepts now that unless it does something about the trajectory of the organisation, there is no doubt it will lose elections and be irrelevant to the general population."

However, Motlanthe adds he doesn’t believe that there are any political parties that represent the future.

He also highlighted that he believes that ANC members implicated in corruption through the State Capture report will face the full might of the law.

"Yes, I'm confident that this will happen because it is the law. It is not dependent on the ANC's likes and dislikes. It’s the law.

"So the law will be applied effectively."

But despite its commitment to ensure that its step aside resolution adopted in Nasrec almost five years ago comes into full effect, the ruling party has found itself at odds as some of its members have challenged it.

But Motlanthe was resolute in his views.

He emphasised the ruling party's Constitution served as a guideline to how unscrupulous members have to be dealt with.

According to Motlanthe, the ANC has a few instruments that would enable it to deal with the issue of corruption.

"The state capture report will in no doubt result in the prosecutions of those fingered in the report."

He said: "As far as the ANC is concerned, once they (members) are charged, the ANC already has a step-aside rule that they step aside from their responsibilities until their names are cleared in the court of law. The ANC’s constitution states that if you are convicted by the court of law for corruption or any serious offence, the ANC constitution then prescribes that you are no longer eligible to be a member therefore you stand expelled from the ANC."

During the discussion Motlanthe also spoke out against Russia’s invasion in the Ukraine, saying there were opportunities to intervene and avoid the eventual invasion of Ukraine on 24 February.

"The war itself should be condemned. No war solves [a] problem. My take on Russia's invasion of Ukraine [is that it] should be condemned," he said.

"Any war doesn't start when first, shots are fired. There is always a build-up." he added.

"We (South Africa) are an excellent example of that. There is no doubt there were opportunities that could have prevented the war's is a no-win situation for both countries. Russians themselves sit with a war they didn't approve of."