Friday, 08 April 2022 11:20

Police deploys more specialised units with 28 arrests in Diepsloot overnight.

Staff Reporter.

SA Police services have deployed more specialised units to protest-hit Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg as part of efforts to restore calm to the area.

Residents have been protesting against what they describe as unbearable levels of crime in the area.

The community has accused undocumented foreign nationals of being behind a spate of violent crimes, including rape and murder.

National police spokesperson Athlenda Mathe says police will continue to monitor the situation closely until law and order has been restored.

"Members of the public are cautioned against inciting violence and against taking the law into their hands. The SAPS will not tolerate any form of lawlessness.  The SAPS in Gauteng together with other law enforcement agencies will in the meantime continue with the high density, integrated O Kae Molao operations to prevent and combat crime in the area."

Mathe says police can only confirm five murders between Wednesday and Sunday.

"These murders emanated from separate unrelated incidents and investigations are still underway to arrest the suspects. This is contrary to seven murders that have been reported in the media."

No arrests have yet been made in connection to the murder of Elvis Nyathi, who was killed in a mob attack earlier this week.

Meanwhile 28 people have been arrested during Thursday night operations.

"I can confirm we've arrested 28 people, two for domestic violence, one for drunken driving and the rest were arrested for being the country illegally, Mathe said"

Mathe adds police tactical response teams will continue to be on the ground.

"The teams are joined by a capable detective team that is working around the clock to ensure that we investigate and arrest all criminality that is taking place in the Diepsloot area."

President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed concern at tensions in Diepsloot, adding that government is monitoring the situation.

"We will not condone any form of criminality which results in the death of anyone. It is not acceptable and we will take action to deal with it," he said.

The President said government is engaging with the community.

"We are continuing to keep a very close eye and also engaging with various members of the community because we don't want that situation to turn into an ugly one. 

"So, we are consulting on all sides, the people who live there in Diepsloot and also listening very closely to their concerns but we will not condone any criminality, "the President said.