Saturday, 16 April 2022 20:31

AVBOB set aside R7 million to assist destitute KZN families.

By Lehlohonolo Lehana.

Funeral service AVBOB has pledged R7 million to help assist destitute Kwazulu/Natal families to bury their loved ones.

The torrential rains have claimed almost 400 lives, with that number expected to escalate in the coming days.

Avbob CEO Carl van der Riet said a commitment to community relief and socio-economic support is at the heart of his organisation.

"We have a vision of sustainable communities, and we are determined to play our role in fulfilling that vision. As a responsible corporate citizen, AVBOB believes it is critical that we provide assistance to the communities in the province as they rebuild their lives after the devastating floods," he said.

"Avbob is deeply involved in and committed towards the communities it serves through a wide array of initiatives, ultimately aimed at improving the quality of life for their beneficiaries. In this way, Africa’s largest mutual assurer remains true to its brand promise: 'We're here for you'.

Meanwhile the National Funeral Practioners Association says it has taken stock of dubious claims made by some funeral parlours in eThwekwini as the sector grapples with an increase in burials.

KwaZulu-Natal residents are picking up the pieces after one of the worst floods in recent history left more than 400 people dead, with thousands displaced and in need of food.

The province was declared a disaster area on Wednesday after heavy rains flooded homes, washed away roads and bridges, and disrupted shipping in one of Africa's busiest ports, with shipping containers washed away and, in some areas, looted.

According to the association's Muzi Hlengwa, some funeral parlours are taking advantage of dire situation.

"What I'm worried about is the fact that there are undertakers who are now taking chances using the catastrophe that use find ourselves in to enrich themselves.

"They pretend as if they donating funerals to assist those that have died meanwhile at the backend they are going to launch claims with the metro.

"We are condemning this. We cant have a situation whereby when we as a nation are trying to console each other and there are people who see an opportunity to make a quick buck and make themselves richer," Hlengwa adds.

Government and NGOs are among entities that vowed to assist families to bury their loved ones and to rebuild.