Sunday, 19 June 2022 20:02

No sign of Soweto boy who fell down manhole as search enters day six.

By Cebelihle Mthethwa.

The search for six-year-old Khayalethu Magadla, who fell down a manhole while playing with friends last Sunday, is continuing.

Today (Sunday), the Joburg Emergency Services were back at the scene where Magadla was alleged to have fell at a park in Dlamini, Soweto, last week.

"Today is actually day seven of our search operation. We are continuing to search along the pipeline, using our robots, and also deploying our technicians, using the external air supply system," said Joburg Emergency Services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi.

We will be continuing with this process throughout the day, to see whether we can't explore other avenues to try and recover the young boy, up until the split chambers."

Mulaudzi said at this stage, they were focusing on the pipeline which carried water underground.

"When we [receive] other information from the family, different from the one we got, we will [conduct the search according to that information]," he said.

Khayalethu was playing with friends and a cousin when he slipped and fell down the open manhole.

However, none of the children told the parents what had happened when they got home.

It was only the following day, after the parents asked one of the teachers to get the cousin to open up, that the truth finally emerged and help was sought.