Saturday, 10 August 2019 19:56

Former South African Revenue Service (SARS) executive Johann van Loggerenberg has revealed that he had received a personal apology from former Sunday Times senior journalist Malcolm Rees over how he had reported on five years ago.

In his apology, related to the infamous rogue unit Sunday Times report in 2014, Rees denies ever branding Van Loggerenberg as a former apartheid police agent. The description had supposedly been added in the editing process in the Sunday Times newsroom in 2014 after He submitted his first article on the matter.

Nonetheless, Rees said he still wanted to apologise for it and that he now sympathised with Van Loggerenberg, particularly because he had experienced the “smears” of being “falsely branded” an “unethical journalist” who had allegedly accepted bribes from criminals and manufactured false reports.

He apologised unreservedly to him and his family and Van Loggerenberg has since accepted Rees apology.

Van Loggerenberg, Ivan Pillay and Andries Janse van Rensburg are expected to appear in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on October 14.

The three former SARS employees face charges relating to "Project Sunday Evenings", an endeavour that allegedly involved the installation of covert cameras and microphones at the now dismantled Scorpions and NPA's head offices in Silverton, Pretoria, in 2007.