Tuesday, 13 August 2019 11:31


Axed NPA boss Nomgcobo Jiba has applied to cross-examine Angelo Agrizzi at the commission of inquiry into state capture.

Agrizzi detailed how Jiba,Mrwebi and Jackie Lephinka, who was Jiba's assistant, would be paid as they were handling the investigation involving Bosasa and the correctional service department. 

He further said in 2009/2010 it was decided, along with former prisons commissioner Linda Mti, that Jiba, whose code names was "snake" would be paid R100 000, Mrwebi, who was called "snail", would be paid R10 000 and Lephinka "J" would be paid R20 000. 

Jiba's lawyer, Zola Majavu appealed to the chair not to deny Jiba leave to appeal and said even though what Agrizzi said was largely hearsay, it was important for Jiba to question Agrizzi on the matter. 

Commission chair then said to Majavu,reading Agrizzi’s testimony, it was clear that he had been testifying on second-hand knowledge and it may be best for Jiba to apply to cross-examine Mti as he was said to be the one who allegedly made the cash payments. Mti is yet to appear at the commission. 
Zondo said he was inclined to dismiss Jiba’s application based on this reason. He said he was willing to grant Jiba permission to appear and give her version of events. 
Majavu and Zondo agreed that it would be best if Jiba’s application is not dismissed, but postponed to a later date depending on who appears and further implicates Jiba.