Tuesday, 13 August 2019 11:58


Residents at the Stellenbosch University campus were given alternative accommodation for the night after a fire broke out in the residence around 19:00 last night.

The fire in the residence for women at the Stellenbosch University campus was brought under control by 20:30, and all residents were brought to safety. One student was treated for burn wounds to her hands, and another was treated for smoke inhalation at the Stellenbosch hospital, but both students are doing well. The cause of fire is unknown. 
The 164 students that were safely evacuated from the residence gathered at the Wilgenhof residence, where information was shared and where they were addressed by Prof De Villiers. “I told them that we will support them, we are here for them, and alternative accommodation will be arranged for them. We just wanted to make sure that everyone is safe. We are very grateful for everyone's help and cooperation," Prof De Villiers said. 
The University’s priority is the safety of the students and to guarantee alternative accommodation. The necessary counselling and support services are in place. Our Centre for Student Counselling and Development’s 24-hour crisis service, in collaboration with ER24, has been activated and can be contacted on 010 205 3032.
At the contingency committee meeting the Stellenbosch University Management expressed its gratitude and appreciation to its students for all the support and assistance to the residents of Huis ten Bosch. "It was heart-warming to see how the student community united during adversity," Prof Schoonwinkel said. "A sincere thank you also to the Stellenbosch emergency services for the various forms of assistance during the fire," Prof De Villiers said.